A downloadable game

Game made for Ludum Dare 37. The theme is One Room.

You are a fish about to be served as lunch in a kitchen, your objective is to destroy as much of the kitchen as possible to stop this, but you only have 60 seconds.


When the fish is flapping on the ground you can use the arrow keys to point in a jump direction. Hold the space bar to power up (power goes back and forth between 0 and 100) and release to jump.

Once you are in the air you can use the arrow keys to perform tricks like back flips, front flips, etc. and get extra points (the longer the trick is performed for the better). Also, if you hit objects or walls while in the air, you will be able to perform an air jump, use this to get to higher places or point down and perform a very powerful dive.

You get points for tricks, combos, objects hit, object hit chains, and a couple of other things.






Sounds by Andres